The Long Start…

1hr 09min to Oslo! We’ve had a fairly easy flight but definitely ready to land. The flights have been uneventful and easy. We’ve slept and we’ve watched movies, we’ve enjoyed the inflight service on Emirates. Dubai however does rate a mention. The first time either of us have been through there.

As we flew in it was still dark, we saw the light of the skyline which even from our ‘over- the-wing’ window seat, we could tell it would be an impressive city. Perhaps a stopover on another trip…

Taxiing in gave the sense that the Airport would also be an impressive place. It seemed to take at least 1/2hr past rows and rows of A380’s to get to our gate. Once in the terminal we had only 2hrs to get through another security gate and on a train to the terminal for our connecting flight. It’s definitely an efficiently signposted route, however did take a good hour to get there.

We had time for a coffee, as we waited near the gate. At boarding time we were ushered onto a coach and then escorted another 30minutes passed the terminals and what seemed acres and acres of planes all being loaded and readied for their onward journey.

Now with less than an hour to to go, we are excited to get land in Oslo and start exploring…

We arrived on time and transferred easily to the train system and made our way to Oslo Central. It was apx 30min journey through rolling hills, farming countryside. We caught glimpses of huge red barns, A-frame houses witht the last of the golden autumn colours on the trees.

The train itself had coffee and snack vending machines, newspaper rack and recycling bins in each carriage. It was roomy and the train itself was practically silent.

From Central it was a short walk to our Hotel…short I guess if you’re not the one carrying all the bags – thanks Andy!

At the hotel we were upgraded – thanks Ange. The hotel itself is a modern style, clean, simple and stylish building. We settled in, freshened up and set off to explore Oslo.

The city is charming and only a short walk from our Hotel we found that the harbour on Oslo Fjord the Akersjus Fortress and Castle which from memory of the sign was built from the 1300’s. Part of the buildings of the Fortress house the local police and include their horses and training area.

From there we wandered around the harbour through a Circular Quay-like area to the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. The arcitecture is a mix of old and modern, with the modern paying respect to the old and introducing an arty, industrial aspect to the area. Around the Museum were various sculptures as well.

The sun was setting and it was around 4:30pm. After our long day we were in tune with the closing daylight and ready to find dinner and head back to the hotel. We strolled back up to the main streets of town, orienting ourselves for the next day as we went.

We stopped at an English Pub for a Norweigan IPA and a G&T – setting us back $36. We passed a Scottish and an Irish pub before finally sitting down in the Oslo Cathedral Cafe for a light dinner. We tried Reindeer meat starter, which we both really liked (sorry rudolf, your cousin was yummy), and shared a pizza. This light meal set us back nearly $70. Lets just say we’ll be eating well at our inclusive Breakfast, stopping at the fruit market (already scoped it out) for our snacks/lunch and saving our budget for dinnertime.

After a long sunset the sky was dark by 6:30, it was getting cold and time to head back to try and sleep a full night to climatise.

I’m finishing this post off at the breakfast table after a great night sleep. The sun was still rising at 8am, it’s a clear sunny day and we are ready to go!

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  1. Thanks for the link. Look forward to reading about your adventures. I did send a message on the day you left but I obviously didn’t do it correctly as you did not receive it. Just to say we watched the videos Rich did of the wedding ceremony and reception from beginning to end. It was a lovely venue and i hear the whales put on a show. Everyone said it was a fantastic day and you looked beautiful. Lots of love from Nanna, Chas and myself.

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    1. Hi Uncle Henry. No language challenges at all. The Norwegians speak English pretty well. Most tourist boards are translated into English but we have noticed a few that aren’t so google helps.


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