It’s all quiet time until someone snores…

Sitting on the Panorama deck with our fellow passengers, enjoying the passing landscape and dim lighting. It’s a sedate crowd of predominately English and German senior citizens.

Dotted around the lounge are small tables upon which our fellow travellers have placed their binoculars, books, knitting and coffee/tea cups.

Enter Dawn and Andy with our cheeky plastic bottles of ‘special water’ (that’s code for smuggled in gin and tonic) and glass of ice procured from the unsuspecting bar tender.

It’s about 3:30pm after a lovely buffet lunch and a glass of wine and now relaxing with a bit of ‘Kindle’ time and a G&T. It’s getting dark outside and the lounge is cozy and the ambiance is perfect for a little doze…don’t mind if I do!

It’s a quiet time on the Panorama deck until…Dawn gives a little snore and wakes herself up! A furtive look around, and it seems noone noticed…perhaps they’re all sleeping too?

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