Snippets – #4

The food on the Hurtigruten MS Nordlys ship has been amazing. Everything is so fresh, wholesome, interesting and with diverse ingredients. At each stop they pick up local produce and brief information is included on the menu. For breakfast and lunch it is a buffet and most night it is a set 3 course menu. I can’t begin to describe all the different dishes we’ve tried and loved. Notably is the variety and flavour of the fish. Salmon, cod, halibut, herring all prepared in so many different ways – lightly smoked, baked, salted, in soup, pickled, cappuccio, in salads with capers – all delicious. Even the fish cakes from today’s lunch were incredible!

Other meats are lamb, reindeer and less frequently beef. Again, cooked so well. Tender, rich casseroles or roasted perfectly.

The vegetables are pretty repetitive, although it’s not really a problem. They are very creative with them. Carrot casserole, plenty of root veg mixes with a few baked tomatoes thrown in for zing…celery, parsnips, potatoes…

The desserts also rate a mention. Lots of fruit – berries, plums and more berries. They have berries here that I’d never heard of, cloudberries are so good! Flans, cakes, simple puddings. And then there’s this light caramel sauce that frankly, I would happily pour over everything! Yum.

Food is a hot topic today because we seemed to eat all morning (Day 6 of the Cruise). Breakfast finished at 9:45 and the lunch sitting started again at 10:15 because most people were leaving the ship to visit the North Cape. Our dinner sitting is 8:30pm, so I stashed a few fish cakes and fruit away to get us through the time of famine this afternoon!

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