What a Gift!

"Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude." - Louie Schwartzberg, (Cinematographer and artist who's work in nature documentaries is worth checking out - Netflix has a series called Moving Art - it's on my 'to watch' list when we get home). We had thought with the weather against us and the Aurora... Continue Reading →

Colourful Skies and Huskies

If you were expecting something about Aurora’s I’m sorry to disappoint, however today we have seen the sun and blue sky and been treated to a gorgeous sunset.  This blog comes to you from a window seat of our gorgeous cabin as I look out across what’s left of the snow at the pink and... Continue Reading →

Take the Weather with You!

Today the weather is miserable - never thought I would be one to wish for colder temperatures! But here I am wishing for sub-zero and if the clouds must persist they could at least dump us with the white fluffy stuff instead of rain! However, as encouraged by the Finn Brothers to 'take the weather... Continue Reading →

Loving Lapland

Well, today brought some highs and lows. Just like life, you win some you lose some. We have found ourselves in that place of having to work ourselves out of disappointment and find the fun and love that gets us through every time. We opened our curtains at 8am to a grey dark morning. The... Continue Reading →

West meets East – Cruise: Dag 7

We woke today for the final time aboard the MS Nordlys. At 9am we docked in Kirkenes (pronounced something like Chir-ken-esh). This area of Norway has a unique history and culture. We learnt specifically a little about the town of Vardo which was a quick port stop on the way up, which we were not... Continue Reading →

Snippets – #4

The food on the Hurtigruten MS Nordlys ship has been amazing. Everything is so fresh, wholesome, interesting and with diverse ingredients. At each stop they pick up local produce and brief information is included on the menu. For breakfast and lunch it is a buffet and most night it is a set 3 course menu.... Continue Reading →

Touring Tromso – Cruise: Dag 5

After such a big day yesterday, we were grateful for a slow start and sleep in today. We weren't due into our first major port until after 2pm. We were able to eat breakfast, relax then eat lunch. The food onboard has been incredible. We are trying so many different dishes, but really as most... Continue Reading →

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