It’s all quiet time until someone snores…

Sitting on the Panorama deck with our fellow passengers, enjoying the passing landscape and dim lighting. It's a sedate crowd of predominately English and German senior citizens. Dotted around the lounge are small tables upon which our fellow travellers have placed their binoculars, books, knitting and coffee/tea cups. Enter Dawn and Andy with our cheeky... Continue Reading →

Snippets – #3

On the ship is an Expedition Team. During our voyage the team run various information sessions and lectures about the geography and history of the areas we are travelling through as well as lead hikes on the shore stops. During our time on board they schedule information sessions about points of interest as we pass... Continue Reading →

Snippets – #2

Here are a few more snippets of information and some random pictures that we have collected on our trip. Doors open outwards. In our hotel, in bathrooms within cafes, the doors all open towards you rather than into the room. Speaking of bathrooms, the Australian building code would not allow as they do here, the... Continue Reading →

Snippets – #1

Here’s a few things that haven’t made it to a blog, but we found interesting: Around Oslo we saw lots of pre-school age kids out on excursions around the city.  The all wore Fluro vests and carried oversized back packs and followed their teachers around like little ducklings. We noticed a higher proportion of male... Continue Reading →

Brilliant Bergen

Brilliant both literally because the sun was shining - rather than its reputation as a wet/overcast climate - and also because it really is a wonderful place. Being a Sunday we did miss out on a few places that we had hoped to visit. However, this forced us to look into places we wouldn't have... Continue Reading →

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