Sleepy Voss to Beautiful Bergen

Wow! What a picturesque morning walk around the lake in Voss this morning. As we are between the peak season of summer and winter the town is a little sleepy. It's peaceful and serene. At 9:20 the sun still hadn't risen above the surrounding hills and the temperature was -2C. Frost had dusted everything and... Continue Reading →

Norway in a Nutshell

Norway in a Nutshell is the name of the self guided tour we are on from Oslo to Bergen. The first section of the tour found us in Voss yesterday afternoon - you can read about that in the Train to Voss blog posted 25 Oct. The Fleishers Hotel put on an awesome breakfast and... Continue Reading →

The Train to Voss

Ustaoset - 990 m.o.h - which we suspect means meters above sea level. I am currently recovering from the disappointment of losing a draft post that followed and described our journey starting in Oslo this morning at 7:30am.  That was 5hours ago and I had brought you along on our journey through the outskirts of... Continue Reading →

Outstanding Oslo – Part II

Today we set off on an Urban walk. The river Akerselva comes down into the city from the north-ish and there is a very convenient walking path all the way along that follows it well past the 6kms that we ventured along. As the river winds, it passes through all sorts of interesting and diverse... Continue Reading →

Outstanding Oslo – Part I

This post will be in two parts. Simply because we have two full days and judging by today's experience it will warrant another post! Oslo is easy to navigate. The map we picked up when we first arrived is all we have really needed to get started. We made our way back to Central Station... Continue Reading →

The Long Start…

1hr 09min to Oslo! We've had a fairly easy flight but definitely ready to land. The flights have been uneventful and easy. We've slept and we've watched movies, we've enjoyed the inflight service on Emirates. Dubai however does rate a mention. The first time either of us have been through there. As we flew in... Continue Reading →

Thanks for joining us! Andy and I are ready to set off on our Scandinavian Honeymoon.  We are enjoying the comforts of the Qantas Business Class Lounge - a gift from Angelyn and Rob, my lovely work colleagues. Nearly 12 months ago we contemplated the destination for our Honeymoon.  We both had the ‘Northern Lights’... Continue Reading →

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