Snippets – #2

Here are a few more snippets of information and some random pictures that we have collected on our trip.

  • Doors open outwards. In our hotel, in bathrooms within cafes, the doors all open towards you rather than into the room.
  • Speaking of bathrooms, the Australian building code would not allow as they do here, the toilet to open directly into the cafe space. There is always a second door to pass through.
  • On the lunch buffet on the cruise on Day 2, we tried the ‘Fresh Meat’. We were later told it was Ox. It was delicious!
  • Norweigan Success Cake is amazing! I’ll be googling the recipe and testing out at Christmas time.
  • Norwegians have a very pleasant sense of humour. It is witty and ironic without being sarcastic.
  • Each Region has its different Christmas traditional food. Around Alesund/Bergen and the West they eat lamb. Further north towards Lofoten it is fish whilst down in the south they prefer pork.
  • Alaskan Spruce was planted around the hills of Urke after WWII. As it is being used for lumber more is not being planted. Eventually it will be replaced by a Norweigan variety.
The Fjord between Alesund and Urke
Leaving the ship by tender boat.
Frozen waterfalls can be seen all along the mountains.
The moon at about 10am
Zoomed in on the frozen waterfalls.
Entering the fjord near Alesund

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