Snippets – #3

On the ship is an Expedition Team. During our voyage the team run various information sessions and lectures about the geography and history of the areas we are travelling through as well as lead hikes on the shore stops.

During our time on board they schedule information sessions about points of interest as we pass by. The information about Monk Island in my previous post is an example of a ‘POI’ discussion held as we were leaving the port of Trondheim.

A couple of hours along, the team held another POI session as we passed by a unique lighthouse sitting up out of the fjord. Unfortunately the camera was out of action and so these photos are courtesy of the iPhone.

Kjeungskjaer Lighthouse is one of 25 that mark the route to the North through this particular archipelago. Hurtigruten first started sailing through the winter months heavily relying on these points along the way for safe navigation.

This particular lighthouse was built in 1880 and initially was manned by old sailors happy to live out a solitary life. In 1906 it was evident that the lighthouse was too low in the water so it was raised onto the rock foundations and also new optics were installed.

In 1926 a family moved in with their children and a teacher. The family lived there for 26years. According to an interview with the mother, there were times where the children were tied to the dock to stop them being swept away by the wind and waves.

In the 1960’s the lighthouse received electricity and the work load changed as the diesel generator became obsolete. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that it became completely automated and therefore unmanned.

Nowadays it is still maintained as a National Heritage building and popular for tourists. You can stay at the lighthouse for 2000NOK – apx $350AUS – per night for up to 8 people, including transport. You need to provide your own food etc.

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